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Museum of Illusions Orlando Florida Teacher Complimentary Ticket Program for All Active Teachers and Professors

We welcome Florida teachers and professors to the fascinating world of illusions. Florida teachers and professors receive a complimentary ticket to visit with a paying guest ticket to 50+ Illusions at Orlando’s #1 Edutainment Destination Museum of Illusions Orlando. Bring your class and fellow teachers and make it one of your yearly outings with up to 1hour full of fun and illusions. Museum of Illusions Orlando offers a complimentary worksheet for all ages at the end of each visit for a take home worksheet about challenging what your eyes see VS what your brain tells you you’re seeing. Including 10 % off our amazing in-museum gift shop.

This program is for Florida Teachers only. All out of state teachers and professors will not be granted access into the complimentary ticket program at this time.

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